Sunday, 18 May 2014

Entry 1 19/05/2014

the initial plan of my project was to create a simple game that challenged the player to answer basic multiplication equations. the idea for the game came from the fact that both my mother and older sister work as primary school teachers and  the idea that a game that encouraged and aided in the improvents of the student's skills would be of great help in the classroom enviroment, especially in a time where computers and technology are integrated into the classroom more and more.

So far, I have been able to program the main mechanic of answering multiplications on a time and building a score. while this is effective i believe that I can improve the game by adding in more flexibility into the program, such as modification of difficulty and nature of questions, the program could be more usable as a Learning tool rather than a memorization tool as it is today.

While initial coding the program, I encountered a few problems and bugs. The first I encountered was an issue in Naming. I was attempting to allow the game form to open from a "Start Menu" form. th issue was i was referrinmg to the Game form as Form2 when in reality I had name the Game form "MathWhizGameForm". Another issue I encountered was that the program didn't function as expected, I intended to have the program randomly generate new questiona in adifferentoreder eveery time you played. the issue aws that the code I implemented generated the random sums in the same order every time you opened the game.I was able to overcome this issue by using the "Randomize()" function to randomize the seed of the prgram upon the game loading. since the random number generated used the ssed in the algorithm by randomizing the seed I was able to allow for more variety in questions.